Our deli case offers home made soups and salads made from scratch with fresh ingredients. We use domestic, hand picked crab meat from Louisiana for all the recipes in our deli case. When available, we also use local Lancaster Co, PA corn for our soups!

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Crab Dip

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$17.95 per pound

Our crab dip is a crowd favorite made with Fresh Lump crab meat picked in Louisiana and blended with grated cheddar cheese and cream cheese. The dip is best served hot with crusty firm bread or crackers so the grated cheese melts and the flavor of the other spices is blended. Please call (717) 719-3021 to check for availability.


Seafood Salad

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Cup – $4.95
Pint – $7.95
Quart – $14.95

This seafood salad is Mayonnaise based and flavored with our Johnny Lightning Seasoning™. This is great for a snack, light meal or side to a large crab feast. Seafood Salad can be eaten plain, with crackers or on a roll as commonly done with lobster rolls in the north east. Contains: very small gulf shrimp, imitation crab meat, celery and red onion.
Seafood Salad is available in Regular Seasoning, Cajun Seasoning and is sold in cups, pints and quarts. Please call (717) 719-3021 to check for availability.


Shrimp & Pasta Salad

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Cup – $3.95
Pint – $6.95
Quart – $13.95

Shrimp and Pasta Salad is the perfect blend of crisp finely chopped red onion, green pepper, celery in a mayonnaise based sauce. The shrimp and pasta noodles make this salad a satisfying and filling treat. Employees of The Classy Crab frequently eat this product throughout the work day. The Johnny Lightning Seasoning™ gives the salad a Maryland Style influence with a taste reminding you of Old Bay®. This product is sold by the quart, pint and cup. We recommend figuring a serving size of a cup so a quart = 4 servings, pint = 2 servings, cup = 1 serving. Please call (717) 719-3021 to check for availability.


2 lb. bag crab claws

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Crab Cakes

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$9.95 per cake
Must be ordered 24hrs in advance.

Our 4-5 oz crab cakes are made with Louisiana hand picked fresh Lump crabmeat. Because of the Johnny Lightning Seasoning™ and very little filler they can be described as Maryland Style cakes. The crab cakes can be fried in a pan or baked in the oven. They can be eaten in a sandwich or as a stand alone entrée. The crab cakes can be divided into smaller portions and used as a topper on a filet or shaped into bite size crab balls and served as an appetizer. Crab cakes are sold raw and you will need to cook prior to serving. Please call (717) 719-3021 to check for availability.


Crabby Eggs (3-count)

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Our Crabby Eggs are a favorite among our regular customers as the product was developed specifically from their feedback! It took multiple recipe changes to perfect them and now sell out daily! We use a traditional deviled egg recipe, but we add fresh lump crab meat for taste and celery for a crunch. We top our Crabby Eggs with a sprinkle of Johnny Lightning Seasoning™. Crabby Eggs are sold daily in a 3 pack, but with advance notice Crabby Egg trays are available for parties. Please call (717) 719-3021 if you are interested in a Crabby Egg tray.



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$0.75 per lemon

This is a convenience item that we stock at The Classy Crab so you won’t have to make an extra stop at the grocery store!