6oz. Johnny Lightning Seasoning™

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Customers can purchase a 6 oz. bag of Johnny Lightning Seasoning™ to go with crabs, shrimp, and for use in many other seafood recipes. This is a versatile spice and does not contain course rock salt so it can be used on/in just about anything. We love it on popcorn and pizza! The recipe for Johnny Lightning Seasoning was developed by Lancaster County’s own John Wiker, Jr., a 9-time NMRA drag racing champion. Wiker was at the top of the world stage for many years behind the wheel of a Ford “Lightning” pick up truck- hence the name Johnny “Lightning” Wiker. Comparable to Old Bay, Johnny Lightning Seasoning™ is an array of spices, including paprika and salt. Customers tell us our seasoning has a bit of a sweeter taste than Old Bay and less heat to the spice. Please call (717) 719-3021 to check for availability.


9 in stock

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