Crab & Corn Soup

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Our homemade Crab & Corn soup has a roux base with roasted corn, sweet onion and green pepper. When in season we use local Lancaster County, PA corn for our recipe. Butter and cream give a richness with flavor profiles coming from red wine and our own Johnny Lightning Seasoning™. Finished off with a heavy dose of a lump crab meat this soup is sure to satisfy even your pickiest eater! The texture can be described as a “cream of crab” with a bisque viscosity. This is not a Maryland Style Cream of Crab by intention. This soup is available in two sizes: quart and pint size. Quart size unit is estimated to serve 2 bowls or 4 cups. The pint will yield 1 bowl or 2 cups by Lancaster County Pa. standards. It is my belief that in our area, larger portions are expected in this area of the country where we are known for “Pennsylvania Dutch” AYCE buffets.
***Soup is sold cold and you will need to heat prior to serving at home*** Please call (717) 431-4052 to check for availability.


9 in stock

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