1lb. 51-60 Count Shell On Shrimp

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1 lb.
Spice or No Spice
Raw or Steamed


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This small shrimp requires a little more work since only the head has been removed. Smaller in size, these shrimp require you to get your hands dirty and remove the shell. The shell on the shrimp can help encapsulate the flavor during the cooking process and the mess of peeling when steamed and seasoned is desired by many finger-licking crab pickers. There are 51-60 shrimp in a pound and they are considered small in size. There are 25-30 shrimp in a half pound.


1 lb, 1/2 lb


Spice, No Spice, Garlic Butter Drizzle and Spice, Garlic Butter Drizzle, No Spice


Steamed, Raw